Inabsolute 9-21


Tonight’s mix is: Popeye the Sailor Man Classic Collection HDMono – Live at the Hollywood Forever CemeteryUnsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack – Season 11, Episode 8 I’ve created a three channel variant that you can have a lot of fun with. It’s great for watching opposite audio. Popeye audio over Unsolved Mysteries is f’ing funny. Mono always brings the hyper...

Inabsolute 9-20


Tonight’s mix is: The Letter (1929, movie, .75 speed, low(ish) volume)Anika Pyle – The Void (2018, song, loud(er) volume) This is illustrative in a couple of ways. Note the matched color and note patterns when viewing the movie but listening to the song. Now watch what happens when you switch the order so that you are hearing the movie, but watching the visuals from the song. Reread...


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