The Inabsolute Mix is an ongoing project that incorporates different audio and video tracks from Youtube in an attempt to create disorienting and/or meltingly synchronous collages. I use music videos, famous news broadcasts, vintage movies, foreign films, tent revival preaching, saturday morning cartoons. I adjust the speed and the volume in search of a particular feeling. But then the same elements of the mix can be altered by a few twists of the button and it’s something new altogether.

I have felt the sensation of time traveling, head hopping, astral projection, and other forms of existential carnival. I partner some of these mixes with time in a sensory deprivation tank and in energy sessions.

What you need to do to participate — open multiple tabs (not windows) on your browser and push play on each video so that they’re playing at the same time. I recommend using over the ear headphones to maximize the full range.

If you decide to make your own mix (highly encouraged) please feel free to add it to the comment section. If you have time, maybe give a little description as to why you chose the tracks that you chose or what you experienced in the mix.

Inabsolute 3/14

TONIGHT’S MIX IS: Erica Freas - "Fantastic Future" Home Movies (late 1960's - late 1970's)  Erica Freas is one of the musicians I've leaned on over the last few years to…

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Inabsolute 9-29

Tonight's mix is: Ramshackle Glory - "Never Coming Home Again (Live)"Bloody Combat Footage in the Battle of Normandy The idea for tonight's mix beamed itself into my head. I wasn't…

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Inabsolute 9-26

Tonight's mix is: Akira Ishikawa - Africa Rock (1971)Cartoons, various This is one of those great moments where if you play enough obscure stuff on Youtube, Youtube will introduce you…

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Inabsolute 9-24

Tonight's mix is: "Like it is" - Yusef Lateef60 Minutes of Smurfs Lévon Minassian - "They Have Taken the One I Love" I started off in a blue mood which…

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Inabsolute 9-21

Tonight's mix is: Popeye the Sailor Man Classic Collection HDMono - Live at the Hollywood Forever CemeteryUnsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack - Season 11, Episode 8 I've created a three…

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Inabsolute 9-20

Tonight's mix is: The Letter (1929, movie, .75 speed, low(ish) volume)Anika Pyle - The Void (2018, song, loud(er) volume) This is illustrative in a couple of ways. Note the matched…

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Inabsolute 9-19

Tonight's mix is: Brand of Hate (western movie, 1934, .5 speed) Cymande - Dove (sometimes I move this to .5 right away. It can handle the slowdown the Katie Ellen…

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Inabsolute 9-18

Tonight's mix is: Born to the Saddle (western movie, 1953, .5 speed) Relaxing Armenian music w/ duduk Sam Moore - Moooohieee The duduk and the Sam Moore musical saw playing…

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Inabsolute 9-17

Tonight's mix is: Post Rock for Sleep: Night OneA Canção de Lisboa [1933]  I think you can learn a lot about a movie even when you don't speak the language…

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Inabsolute 9/16

Tonight's mix is: Daughter - "Montreaux Jazz Festival 2016"The Man Who Cheated Himself (film, 1950) That's it. Pretty simple tonight. I feel like it's pretty good for time travel back…

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