7000 years ago when we gathered in citiesto worship godsI was next to you,a slight ringing in my ears 5000 years ago when we gathered in citiesmarauders and banditsI was next to youwondering where the time had gone 2000 years ago when we gathered in citiesto watch them burnI was next to youremembering the end of the world Yesterday when we gathered in citiesto light the fireI was next to...

How Many things does “Current Events” mean?


The idea of being insane. In 2002. Was to speak outover the drumbeat. It is okay to be insane.Now. Saul Williams on Sway in tHE MORNING I first heard Saul Williams in 2004 around the release of his eponymous album. I remember where (the Bleak House Books office), I remember the volume (loud), but mostly what I remember is not having the ability to fully process what I was hearing because it was...

Scrap #1


She digs until her fingers curl in on themselves, the fuse of arthritis lit, slow burning towards generational gasoline. Under her nails the dirt collects and packs solid. The dying C batteries in her flashlight fighting a losing battle against the dark. I would tell you they should be hung up by their ankles and that everything should be done to keep them alive. Give them water. Give them food...


Ben LeRoy is spirit trapped in the 21st century on Earth. Someday he will be somewhere else. Until then, he's glad to know you're out there, too. And later elsewhere he will be glad to know you're out there, too.