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Free Publishing Consulting


Are you looking to start a publishing company, but have no idea where to start or a whole lot of questions? I will gladly donate (free of charge) consulting time to anybody who is looking to start a publishing company dedicated to telling the story of marginalized/under represented communities. If you’re thinking about it or already on the way, I’m ready to help out. You can send an...

Professional Update – Brief


I’ve dipped a toe back into publishing waters. I am now a Senior Acquisitions Editor for Crooked Lane Books. If you’re somebody who wants to query me or ask questions about what I’m looking for, you can do so using this email address — I’m looking for things not unlike what I published at Bleak House Books and Tyrus Books which, for...


Ben LeRoy is spirit trapped in the 21st century on Earth. Someday he will be somewhere else. Until then, he's glad to know you're out there, too. And later elsewhere he will be glad to know you're out there, too.