Inabsolute 9-18


Tonight’s mix is:

Born to the Saddle (western movie, 1953, .5 speed) Relaxing Armenian music w/ duduk Sam Moore – Moooohieee

The duduk and the Sam Moore musical saw playing are a super haunting combo. The Western adds surreal character. What about you?

Inabsolute 9-17


Tonight’s mix is: Post Rock for Sleep: Night OneA Canção de Lisboa [1933]  I think you can learn a lot about a movie even when you don’t speak the language and even when you don’t look at the visuals if you can just listen to the tone people are using while they speak. Further, you can add all kinds of atmosphere and emotion to it with the selections included. In this...

Inabsolute 9/16


Tonight’s mix is: Daughter – “Montreaux Jazz Festival 2016”The Man Who Cheated Himself (film, 1950) That’s it. Pretty simple tonight. I feel like it’s pretty good for time travel back to the mid 50s (though, admittedly, in this incarnation I wasn’t there). Daughter is one of those bands that is so great at what they do (play beautiful sad music) that the...

Inabsolute 9/15


Tonight’s mix is: Deep Cello Music The Cry of the Armenian Duduk Isle of Forgotten Sins    (*note* this gets played at 1/2 speed) I’ve decided after learning about the duduk that pretty much all videos can be enhanced by having a duduk. It’s this haunting, wailing instrument that you’ll recognize from movie soundtracks. It can make anything sound...


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