Inabsolute 9-17

Tonight’s mix is:

A Canção de Lisboa (Portuguese movie, 1933, .75 speed)

NBC Nightly News (August 16, 1977, .5 speed)

Post-Rock for Sleep: Night One

I think you can learn a lot about a movie even when you don’t speak the language and even when you don’t look at the visuals if you can just listen to the tone people are using while they speak. Further, you can add all kinds of atmosphere and emotion to it with the selections included.

In this particular instance I’m going to some of my favorites. Foreign movies from long ago time periods. News broadcasts from the early part of my life (I like to imagine I heard them originally, but being barely a year old at the time, I missed some of the context. Then I’ll always add post-rock to anything to make it better.

Can you find a news broadcast on Youtube from your early years? Is there a foreign language or country you’ve always admired, but never understood? Think you can find a cool video on Youtube to represent it?

Give it a try. Or don’t.

Either way.


Inabsolute 9/16

Tonight’s mix is:

Daughter – “Montreaux Jazz Festival 2016”

The Man Who Cheated Himself (film, 1950)

That’s it. Pretty simple tonight. I feel like it’s pretty good for time travel back to the mid 50s (though, admittedly, in this incarnation I wasn’t there). Daughter is one of those bands that is so great at what they do (play beautiful sad music) that the emotional tenor of what they produce becomes a secondary backdrop to this movie where you can see all this desperation.

The desperations of human is the name of tonight’s mix.

Give it a listen, let me know what you think. Any suggestions for adjusting the speed? Adding a third clip? Put your notes, comments, complaints, suggestions, concerns, etc. below. We can talk about it.

Or not.

Either way.

Inabsolute 9/15

Tonight’s mix is:

Deep Cello Music 

The Cry of the Armenian Duduk 

Isle of Forgotten Sins    (*note* this gets played at 1/2 speed)

I’ve decided after learning about the duduk that pretty much all videos can be enhanced by having a duduk. It’s this haunting, wailing instrument that you’ll recognize from movie soundtracks. It can make anything sound heartbreaking. I experimented with it over episodes of Popeye and it had a really heavy effect, especially if you slow the Popeye WAAAY down to half speed or even quarter speed. The cello is a beautiful accompaniment to the duduk. Movies that didn’t start off sad or even particularly melancholy go dark, fast.

Inabsolute Mix – how it works

The Inabsolute Mix is an ongoing project that incorporates different audio and video tracks from Youtube in an attempt to create disorienting and/or meltingly synchronous collages. I use music videos, famous news broadcasts, vintage movies, foreign films, tent revival preaching, saturday morning cartoons. I adjust the speed and the volume in search of a particular feeling. But then the same elements of the mix can be altered by a few twists of the button and it’s something new altogether.

I have felt the sensation of time traveling, head hopping, astral projection, and other forms of existential carnival. I partner some of these mixes with time in a sensory deprivation tank and in energy sessions.

What you need to do to participate — open multiple tabs (not windows) on your browser and push play on each video so that they’re playing at the same time. I recommend using over the ear headphones to maximize the full range.

If you decide to make your own mix (highly encouraged) please feel free to add it to the comment section. If you have time, maybe give a little description as to why you chose the tracks that you chose or what you experienced in the mix.

If you want me to create a custom mix for you, send me an email. I’ll have some questions for you before I go to the canvas.