Free Editing Offer


Laid off? Headed into a stressful job as a first responder, a medical professional, a grocery store worker, or public transportation driver?  If it would help you stay distracted long enough to catch your breath for an hour or two, I’ll gladly read the first 15 pages of your work in progress and then be available to discuss it on the phone/Skype. Things to know: This is free.I’m not going to...

Inabsolute 3/14


TONIGHT’S MIX IS: Erica Freas – “Fantastic Future” Home Movies (late 1960’s – late 1970’s)  Erica Freas is one of the musicians I’ve leaned on over the last few years to get through uncertain times. Sometimes it’s the solo work. Sometimes it’s as part of the bands RVIVR and Somnia. Erica released a new album (Young) at the end of February and...

The Ben LeRoy Show – Episode ONE


Here’s the first episode of the long discussed podcast – The Ben LeRoy Show This episodes’s Inabsolute Mix is… the CBS Evening News from April 1980 at 3/4 speed & the post rock band Versa’s song “We Are Not What We Say We Are“ This is 40 years old, but do you see how the names and issues always sounded dire and new? See how things have changed? See...



Want to help support all of the random projects and goodwill I dump on the world? Well, here’s a chance for you to do just that.

And if you’re a writer, it’s also a chance to get some feedback on your work.

Free Publishing Consulting


Are you looking to start a publishing company, but have no idea where to start or a whole lot of questions? I will gladly donate (free of charge) consulting time to anybody who is looking to start a publishing company dedicated to telling the story of marginalized/under represented communities. If you’re thinking about it or already on the way, I’m ready to help out. You can send an...

Because I love You – Here’s a Gift


For all of its evil and banality, sometimes the internet does cool things. A few days ago Youtube sent me down a rabbit hole where it introduced me to the Ukranian band DakhaBrakha. And now, because I believing sharing is caring and that you need more music in your life, please enjoy “Baby” by DakhaBrakha–the best new music I’ve heard in a really long time. After...

Professional Update – Brief


I’ve dipped a toe back into publishing waters. I am now a Senior Acquisitions Editor for Crooked Lane Books. If you’re somebody who wants to query me or ask questions about what I’m looking for, you can do so using this email address — I’m looking for things not unlike what I published at Bleak House Books and Tyrus Books which, for...

My Health Update #5 – (follow up at the plastic surgeon)


Almost a month to the day of the Mohs surgery (12/6) that took a substantial chunk out of my face, I went in to see how the plastic surgery I had on 12/23 was healing. It’s absolutely incredible to me how much the body and modern medicine can do together. If you look at the initial wound in the gallery and you look at the same wound after the bandage was removed yesterday, you’d be...

High School Fiend Club


I don’t remember much about this particular photo, but I remember high school. High school was from 1990-1994. High school was in the Midwest. Despite the commitment it took to grow the devil lock and my hesitance to cut it (sometimes the lessons of Sampson are internalized by boys who didn’t read the Bible until they are 33, an incidental fact, and nothing related to Jesus symbolism...


Ben LeRoy is spirit trapped in the 21st century on Earth. Someday he will be somewhere else. Until then, he's glad to know you're out there, too. And later elsewhere he will be glad to know you're out there, too.