Question #16 – Do you ever predict the future?

Here is the set up.

We sleep in the same rooms, but in separate beds. Each bed is a tent with a sleeping pad underneath it. It’s got breathing room. When it’s fully zippered shut it is soundproof and absolute dark. There are dozens of us. Walls but there are no ceilings.

The sky lurks.

There are screens inside each tent and there’s something else it’s basically what the telephone is to hearing, this thing is to touch. Right now in 2020 that sounds like an absurd concept, but try explaining a cellphone to a caveman.

By this point, the science has evolved enough that we can—with great practice—exist in shared dreams (more advanced than simply telepathic). There are a couple of things about this – who you can connect to is not the same for everybody. How fully realized in the dreamworld you are is not the same for everybody. Nor is it a set value. Like any other skill, it can be improved by conscious training and will deteriorate with neglect. Also like any other skill, some folks, for whatever reason (that’s part of the discovery process) are naturally better at it than others.

I think in this room where there are dozens of us, we’re widely considered as good at this kind of communication. The exploits and trials of these people—this is how we connect to alien worlds. We can travel this way faster than any technology we can create. We are sending a distress signal. It’s like humanity is on a raft drifting farther out to sea while the humans on board reach for shore.

Project: Reach for Shore – an initiative to find the most talented dreamers in the world (channel, sleeping are both possibilities but they lead to different types of interactions best analogy is like one of them is physical and one is mental. I don’t know which is which, but I think mental is channeling and that is for major downloads that are creating, essentially, subconscious maps to the universe and that we often sense these things now without understanding them.

We are creating a neural network in our sleeping tents incalculably more complicated than the most complex systems currently known to man.

If this is you, wait for a tap on the shoulder in an otherwise empty room.

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