Prayer Request #5 – Let shine our truest nature, our truest nature is light

Here’s visualization. Ready? Okay. Here we go.

Say hello to yourself the way you’d want somebody to say hello to you.

Hey, Ben.

Hello, Mr. LeRoy.

Hi Benji.

How are you doing, Benjamin?

Those are some of the ways that I might consider saying hello to myself, but maybe you have a completely different way. This question might require some thought and you shouldn’t feel compelled to answer right away. You might ask yourself if you want somebody to sound friendly. Scared. Hostile. Loving. Questioning. Does the voice sound like anybody you know? Is it you? Is it your opposite? If you have to, keep talking this out until you find the way you’d most want to be greeted.

Then greet yourself.

See yourself as the greeted but do not forget that you are also the greeter.

Now you know you are separate.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself divisible by three. That you are three stones like something you might see at Stonehenge, close, but not touching. Imagine there is your worst self, your present self, and your perfect self. Imagine those are the three things you are. Maybe you look like yourself divided in three. Maybe you look like Stonehenge. Maybe you look like something you can’t explain to anybody else and that’s okay. As long as you see yourself as made up of three, you’re doing great.

Your worst self is tired and wants to lie down. Let your worst self lie down. It has carried a heavy burden for your whole life down.

Now it is only your perfect self and your present self standing like Stonehenge. Taking in the light and casting shadows.

How are you in your present self? How are you feeling today?

I am tired. Often hopeful. Uncertain.

Maybe you are these things, too. Maybe you are other things. I want you to really think about what you are. To pay attention to the detail of your essence and the raise of your scars. What is your truth? Let’s look at our truths. Let’s brave the mirror, go to the looking glass and see. We know where to look.

When we are done with our reflection, let’s set our present self down. Our present selves down.


Deep breath. Another. The source of our existential discomfort on the exhale.

We may need a thousand breaths more, but when it’s all gone, all that’s left is perfect.

Is Perfect.

Commit Active Mercy,


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