Professional Update – Brief

I’ve dipped a toe back into publishing waters. I am now a Senior Acquisitions Editor for Crooked Lane Books. If you’re somebody who wants to query me or ask questions about what I’m looking for, you can do so using this email address —

I’m looking for things not unlike what I published at Bleak House Books and Tyrus Books which, for whatever reason, seemed to always revolve around hurt humans trying to navigate the world in the aftermath of some bad thing. I am not looking for explosions and car chases. I am not looking for these things in the fiction I read or in the life I live.

As you may or may not know–I’m a dude from flyover country who has been to all 50 states and has enjoyed time in the river swamps of north Florida, sensory deprivation tanks in Portland, I run a writers retreat in the mountains of Colorado, have Kansas roots, and still manage to survive in the big city when I’m there, too. I care about individual lives, especially those we haven’t heard from a million times before.

Art is subjective and so am I.

I look forward to reading your genius.

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