My Health Update #5 – (follow up at the plastic surgeon)

Almost a month to the day of the Mohs surgery (12/6) that took a substantial chunk out of my face, I went in to see how the plastic surgery I had on 12/23 was healing. It’s absolutely incredible to me how much the body and modern medicine can do together. If you look at the initial wound in the gallery and you look at the same wound after the bandage was removed yesterday, you’d be well within your rights to think that it wasn’t the same wound. But it was. And I’m working on the scar to prove it.

Not going to put the photo here of what my face looks like now, but I’ve added it to the end of the gallery.

Thanks, again, for being awesome and remember to (1) wear your sunscreen, and (2) check in with your dermatologist to make sure you’re doing okay.


Yr Pal Ben

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