December 2019




This list is not in any particular order and I’m sure that if I thought about it for another hour or two I’d come up with a half dozen things that should have been added. If something hits me after this list goes live, I’m not going to hesitate to add it because that’s okay. Nobody gave me a ten album limit and there were a lot of super talented musicians making really...



In an earlier post about my melanoma diagnosis I wrote an aside — There’s a whole lot I’ll write about one day once I understand things. In the days leading up to the biopsy and the immediate days that followed my brain did some really really weird things.  So what was that weird thing? I don’t know. For us to discuss it, there are some things you should know and I know that the...

My Health Update #4 (plastic surgery)


Done with surgery Hello, All. I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season around the people you want to be around doing the things you want to do with as little stress as possible. The update from here is a good one. I don’t know if it rises to Christmas Miracle, but it was definitely a welcome turn of events and its proximity to Christmas is certainly noted. I went in for plastic surgery...

My Health Update #3 (good news!)


As of the last writing I was still waiting to find out if I had to go back in for a second Mohs surgery (to remove cancer). If you looked at last week’s pictures you might have guessed that I wasn’t looking forward to a round two. The good news is that I don’t have to go back in because the margins were clear after the first surgery. In fact, it occurs to me that if things had...

My Health Update #2 (Mohs #1)


Last Friday (12/6) I went in for my first round of Mohs surgery to have the cancer cut from my face. The hope is that I’ll only have to go in once, but, depending on what comes back from the lab in the next few days, I may have to go in again this Friday for a second round of Mohs surgery. Anyway, I am very impressed with the doctor and medical team that performed the procedure. Obviously, I...


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