Inabsolute 9-29

Tonight’s mix is:

  • Ramshackle Glory – “Never Coming Home Again (Live)”
  • Bloody Combat Footage in the Battle of Normandy

The idea for tonight’s mix beamed itself into my head. I wasn’t even listening to the Ramshackle Glory when I thought about what would pair with it. I don’t even know which one came into my head first.

In any case, I think, if you aren’t already familiar with Ramshackle Glory or specifically this song, that you should watch it once through before you do the mix. When you listen to it, turn on the closed captioning so you can see the lyrics. This will be part of the gut punch later. I’ll wait here while you do that.

Okay, I’ve cued up the Normandy link above to start at 1:00. You don’t need to fuss with it. It’s already taken care of for you.

Push play on Ramshackle Glory, then switch over to the Normandy tab and push play right away. Watch the Normandy stuff at full screen, BUT also you should mute the Normandy video. If possible, listen to this through headphones.

Holy shit, right?



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