An Alternate Sunday Night History

Carter beats Reagan in 80.

Carter is President for the 84 Olympics and is the symbol of America with Bruce Springsteen.

In 84 Mondale loses to Bob Dole.

Bob Dole is President when the Challenger explodes.

Paul Simon beats Bob Dole in 88.

Paul Simon signs monumental peace treaty with the Russia that restores nation status to the Soviet Union states and that the United States will divest itself from taking an active role in the affairs of the European, Asian, African, and South American countries. All countries respect the autonomy of others.

Paul Simon beats Dan Quayle in 92.

Paul Simon assassinated in the spring of 93. No killer is caught. No known reason. Nobody claims responsibility. Despite everybody’s best efforts, nobody ever finds out.

Vice President Ted Kennedy is sworn in as President, June 14, 1993. The new Vice President is Marion Barry, the former highly regarded mayor of Washington D.C.

Ted Kennedy is President when Hurricane Alex comes ashore as a Category Five storm and kills over thirty thousand people in Miami. Another two hundred thousand people are injured in the metro region. Aid comes not only from the rest of the country, but Caribbean nations, including a now friendly nation of Cuba. The entire world enters a ten day period of silence and fasting.

In 96 Ted Kennedy decides to not run for re-election.

In 96 the nation abolishes the role of President.

In 2000 the world is invited to Africa to study a new hybrid of agriculture and mathematics that has maximized crop yield efficiency in a way that also slightly increases the amount of breathable oxygen in the air, a development that leads to the discovery of a new type of consciousness.

By 2024 the world is doing mass experiments of exploring/adventure into new parts of consciousness. It is heralded as a time of exploring like that of the old explorers who crossed the seas.

In 2028 God comes to Earth to find every living thing has already moved on.

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