Gary Indiana and New Buffalo Michigan 038

Inabsolute 9-24

I fell asleep super early last night, so there wasn’t a mix. But tonight? Tonight there’s a mix!

*The Blue Yusef Lateef – “Like It Is” (song, .75 speed)
* 60 Minutes of Smurfs – (cartoon, .5 speed)

I started off in a blue mood which is how we ended up where we did, but then I let autoplay pick the next song after “Like It Is” and they came through with Lonnie Smith’s “It’s Changed.”

I liked this mix, but I think the music is maybe a little too upbeat given the utter insanity that was going on with the Smurfs (lots more violent and subversive than I remembered). So then I switched over to my favorite thing to listen to these days, namely the duduk.

LĂ©von Minassian – “They Have Taken the One I Love “

I also slowed the Smurfs down to .25 speed.

Now we’re at the good stuff, gang. The really good stuff.

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