Inabsolute 9-20

Tonight’s mix is a cool experiment in reversing audio/video feeds.

  • The Letter (1940, movie, .75 speed, low(ish) volume)
  • Anika Pyle – The Void (2018, song, loud(er) volume)

This is illustrative in a couple of ways. Note the matched color and note patterns when viewing the movie but listening to the song. Now watch what happens when you switch the order so that you are hearing the movie, but watching the visuals from the song. Reread that sentence, it’s cognitively disruptive. We are being asked to listen to a visual medium and at the same time we are watching an auditory medium.

And yet? Somehow it all makes sense and evokes tons of emotion because of its base characteristic–its connection to the shared human soul/psyche/etc. It also probably means (and I don’t need to tell you I’m not a scientist, but I’ll remind you of it anyway) that our brains are getting a good workout, perhaps even playing, by trying to make sense of different information coming in from multiple directions without familiar landmarks.

Do you hear what I’m hearing? Or do you think I’m connecting dots where no dots exist?

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