Editing in Exchange

Hi! It’s that time of year. Maybe you worked on your novel all summer. Maybe you’re gearing up for NANOWRIMO. Maybe it’s something entirely different and that’s okay, too.

Anyway, if you’ll volunteer four or more hours in your community, I’ll edit the first chapter/20 pages of your novel for free because I think you’re awesome. Here are some of the rules:

  • I’m not your school teacher, I’m not going to follow up with any organization to confirm that you volunteered. And if you choose to do direct action, I’m going to take your word for it (because you wouldn’t lie to me). Please, please, don’t take advantage of this situation.
  • Editing is done on a first come, first served basis. There may come a point where I close the door if I get too inundated, so you’ll want to check back here to confirm that the door is still open. The first time I did this I had about 60 people take me up on the offer. I was happy to do it then, but will likely cut things off much earlier than that time.
  • If you do some super dedicated community service, it’s possible I’ll edit more/all of your book for free, but that’s going to be based on separate conversations that we have.
  • Volunteering MUST take place after 9/20/2019 but before 11/1/19.
  • If you volunteer during the window mentioned, but aren’t ready for editing at the moment, you can let me know and I’ll put your name on a list. You can then send me your pages when you’re ready.
  • This is NOT some elaborate sales pitch where I’m trying to trick you into hiring me to edit your entire manuscript for a million dollars.
  • My “expertise” skews towards crime, commercial, and literary fiction, but I have worked across a variety of genres including some non-fiction. I tell you this because I want to note my limitations to temper your expectations.

Who am I? Nobody really. But at one point in history I started Bleak House Books and served as publisher until selling it to a larger media company. Later, I started Tyrus Books and served as publisher including the time after it had been acquired by F+W Media and for a few months after F+W Media sold Tyrus to Simon & Schuster. If you want to, you can probably find info about all of that in other places. I am currently the Executive Director of the Independent Publishers Caucus.

And that’s it (for now). It’s possible I’ll update this with more terms/thoughts/etc. as questions are asked. But for now, you can email me at with “Editing in Exchange” in the subject line.

Love Yr Pal,



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