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New podcast launched!

I’ve partnered with my friend Bill Gordon to launch a new podcast. Get Up, Go Again focuses on ways to help in your community and how to make a difference when making a difference feels like an insurmountable task.

Give it a listen!

A Request for Help from TWO Ben LeRoys

Back in 2014 when I was doing the Be Local Everywhere project volunteering in all 50 States, I got a Google alert that said something like, “Ben LeRoy was passing out gift cards to the homeless in Palo Alto…”

And though that may have been true, I was not the Ben LeRoy in question. It turns out there’s an infinitely cooler Ben LeRoy and he’s a few decades younger than me. I read the article about what he was doing, was extremely impressed by what he was doing and his approach to the world. I reached out to his mother and after some months, when I happened to be in northern California, I was fortunate enough to have dinner with the other Ben LeRoy (video here).

Since then, we’ve gotten together a few times to do what we can. I sat down with Ben at the end of October and learned that he’s trying to collect more gift cards for distribution during the upcoming holiday season.

That’s where you come in. Do you have a card you might be able to contribute? 

Here’s us to explain.