A Longer Bio

Traveler, worder, public speaker and
unapologetic believer in the greater possibilities of mankind.

Grew up on the north side of Madison, WI. Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (BA in English & Philosophy). Still live in Madison.

Started a publishing company called Bleak House Books in 2000. Sold Bleak House Books to Big Earth Publishing in 2005. Left Bleak House Books in 2009 to start Tyrus Books. Sold Tyrus Books to F+W Media in 2011. F+W Media sold Tyrus Books to Simon & Schuster in 2016. Simon & Schuster shut Tyrus Books down in the spring of 2017 and I went to work on my garden.

In 2013 my friend Pete killed himself. In 2014 I started the Be Local Everywhere project which involved me doing volunteer work in all 50 States during that year.

Over the years I’ve been a featured speaker at a variety of conferences, have written for multiple websites, and have been truly fortunate to experience the hospitality of people across the spectrum.

I am eternally grateful for it all.

P.S. After some reflection, I realize the above biography makes me sound a little one dimensional. Here are other things I love: the history of baseball, music across a wide spectrum, traveling the back highways of America, being present to the hurting and the triumphs of others, general interest trivia, rock climbing, sensory deprivation, Reiki, and considering the scope of time and space.

P.P.S. I am eternally grateful for every bit of it.



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