Instructions for December 1st | Volunteer | 25 page edit

Did you volunteer four or more hours in your community during November? Are you interested in getting the first 25 pages of your novel edited in December? Cool. You’re at the right place.

Send me an email at 11 a.m. Central time on Friday, December 1st. Give me a paragraph or two (or more if you’re so inclined!) about your volunteering experience and any takeaways you might have from it, attach your manuscript (Microsoft Word), and let me know if you’re interested in me editing the work or if you want Peter Brown Hoffmeister to help you.

First come, first served. Entries sent in before 11 a.m. will get moved to the back of the line (I want everybody to have a chance to wake up). 25 pages should be double spaced and 12 pt. font.

If you have any questions, put them in the comment section below. It’s likely if you’re wondering something, somebody else is, too.