More December Free Editing Slots Are Open!

Great News!

It looks like there are going to be a lot of people submitting 25 pages for a free edit in exchange for volunteering in their communities for four or more hours. I remain amazed by the enthusiasm and am so happy to read people’s stories about their time helping others.

I’m also ecstatic to report that others have asked if they can help on the editorial side. It’s allowing for more edits to be done and more volunteer hours to happen. I will only enlist help from people I know and whom I’ve worked with in an editorial capacity.

First person up? My friend Peter Brown Hoffmeister has offered to volunteer an additional five manuscripts (25 pages). Peter is an accomplished author of novels, non-fiction, and a memoir. I published his debut novel, Graphic the Valley, back in my time with Tyrus Books. He’s also one of the people in my personal writing group, so I’ve had actual experience with his editorial eye, and trust it with my editorial life.

For more details about how to get a free 25 page edit of your novel in December in exchange for volunteering in November, go here.