A Note About the Volunteering & Editing Program

I wanted to jump in — quickly — to say how impressed I’ve been with all of the volunteers who have reached out to me. I’m absolutely delighted to see so many people striving to make a difference in their communities. You’re a force for good. I hope your enthusiasm continues and spreads.

I’m currently sitting on a bit of a backlog. I imagine I’ll be through all of the manuscripts by the end of Friday, October 13th. UPDATED: Make that Friday, October 20.

I will open up to new manuscripts soon thereafter (same terms | you volunteer 4 or more hours, I’ll edit the first 25 pages). I’m also trying to figure out the logistics for a NANOWRIMO offer, but haven’t come up with the exact details yet. Stay tuned.

As always, be good to yourself and one another. You’re a good bunch.