Volunteering in exchange for Editing – December 2017

Occasionally, I will make an offer for you to trade your volunteer time for free editing. Generally, if you are willing to volunteer at least four hours in your community, I will edit the first 25 pages of your novel for free. The availability of the offer is contingent on a variety of things, the most prominent of which is my available free time.

The tentative plan is to begin again on December 1st. I’ll likely have room for ten submissions. Volunteering should take place between November 1 and November 30.

On December 1st, you can email your 25 pages as an attachment (Word document please), tell me where you volunteered, and, if you’re so inclined, tell me about what the experience meant to you.

UPDATE: My friend Peter Brown Hoffmeister has offered to volunteer an additional five manuscripts (25 pages). Peter is an accomplished author of novels, non-fiction, and a memoir. I published his debut novel, Graphic the Valleyback in my time with Tyrus Books. He’s also one of the people in my personal writing group, so I’ve had actual experience with his editorial eye, and trust it with my editorial life.